8th August 2005

We had a rather open morning and decided to go to Jebiwon, a small Buddhist temple with a large stone carved Buddha. I’d been here previously and was totally unimpressed although this time we arrived via a different angle to the Buddha and I have to admit it didn’t look half bad. Seeing as I’ve been here before I’ll go light on the comments. Lonely Plant reads:

Jebiwon – The huge rock-carved Amitaba Buddha known as Jebiwon is 5km North of Andong. The body and the robes of the Buddha are carved on a boulder over 12m high, on top of which are the head and hair – carved out of two separate pieces of rock. Interestingly, the head was actually added at a later date.

Jebiwon enjoying the sun.


From below.


The main street leading out of Andong. We took a taxi here instead of the bus.


Going up to the temple.


Stairs leading up.


Many of the trees and shrubs were flowering at the time.


Path leading to Jebiwon.


Small Buddha.


The head, added at a later stage to Jebiwon.


Me looking rather seedy. Actually this statue is in front of Jebiwon. I’m not sure why its here, it seems a little out of place.


A monk saying prayers over a microphone.




Prayer things. Each stone represents someone’s prayer. If you knock a stone off it bad karma.


Afterwards we went to a traditional Korean restaurant in Andong for lunch. D had dolsat bibimbup while I had regular bibimbup (dolsat comes in a hot stone dish that cooks in front of you.


Mmm… good tucker!

3 Responses to “Jebiwon.”

  1. Did you buy that Puma shirt in Itaewon?

  2. Close, Dongdaemun. $3.


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