Recovering weekend. 고구마탕 and a picnic.

I would like to say I did a lot with my weekend but alas I was still a little under the weather. On Saturday we spent the day at home, seeing as my nose was a little runny and I was still quite low on energy. It gave me a good opportunity to finish off some of my university marking, which I know will stack up on me fairly quickly this semester, and get a few other smaller things in order.

On Sunday we headed off to E Mart in the morning where we did a little shopping for a picnic later in the day. It was a right stinker of a day and by the time Em and I got home, our clothes were drenched in sweat. For the picnic I ended up making a couple of Korean dishes. Firstly I made one of my most favorite dishes here in Korea, Chap chae, which I posted about making last time over here.

In addition, I also made Sweet Sweet Potato (Gaw-goo-ma Tang 고구마탕) which is basically Korean sweet potato (it’s white inside, not orange like you get in Australia (called pumpkin sweet potato here in Korea (호박고구마)) fried, and then coated with a honey-sugar syrup. It’s a little rich, but its just ban-chan (a side dish) so you wouldn’t eat a plate of the stuff.

Both came out exceptionally well, and was well devoured by lady Staypuff (aka Em) on the picnic. Millie also enjoyed the day out, although her attitude of late has been less then agreeable (she’s your typical teenage girl rabbit!).

We called it a day after about 90 minutes, simply because it was too hot (even in the lovely shade of the trees), and headed home. Once home we had a quick shower and enjoyed a homemade Pat bing-su (팥빙수) which is red bean on shavings of ice with a little condensed milk. One can not describe how quickly it cools you down.

My cold is much better this morning, just a slight runny nose and sore throat. Both, hopefully, will be gone by the middle of the week. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt while being here in Korea, it’s how to deal with my colds, that can quickly go from mild to serious if you don’t take care of yourself.

And a big thanks to my darling Em who has been a willing nurse and waited on me hand and foot. My rapid recover is due to her helping hand.

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