2NE1. The suckiest group around.

It’s no secret that I do like a little bit of K-Pop music, especially those churned out from the girl groups here in South Korea. There’s something about scantily dressed young women singing songs that sound better then they would if anyone else was singing them. That also probably says a lot about me too.

There’s is one group at the moment that half my kids like (love) and the other half don’t (hate). 2NE1. I’m assuming that’s a cool way of saying ‘To anyone’, yet another bastardization of my beloved language. On further discover ’2NE1′ actually means:

 ’stands for “New Evolution of the 21st Century” (“NE” meaning “New Evolution” and “21” standing for the “21st Century”)


I hate these girl’s with passion and their music is even worse than their name.

Their history is even more strange;

The group was first mentioned by the press in late 2008, when rumours were spreading that YG was creating a female version of Big Bang named Sista.

The company stated that the group had trained for 4 years, and that their debut album would contain songs produced by Teddy Park.

They released a song, Lollipop with Big Bang, which was held up simply due to the popularity of Big Bang. The subsequent songs, Fire and I don’t care are, in my opinion, crap. Any song that uses ‘rap’ to repeat words to fill gaps deserves to be shredded.

On their merits alone, they don’t deserve to even register on music charts, and through simple promotion of them as the ‘female Big Bang’ has been the sole factor of their popularity.

Of course I probably would like them a lot more if they didn’t look so… retard.


Seriously, what’s with the hair and the 80′s (which was actually the 90′s here in Korea) clothes? Sorry girl’s, its not considered retro here yet.

Now compare that with the 2 hottest girl groups in Korea;


Girl’s Generation
The only place you’d see more legs would be at a mannequin leg factory, but even then I don’t think it would stir up the kind of response that these girls can conjure.


The Wondergirls
Fashioning what I can only hope will be the new standard in high school uniforms.

So to summarize, I don’t like 2NE1. Nor do you. Live with it.

13 Responses to “2NE1. The suckiest group around.”

  1. No matter what you says 2ne1 is the best!
    The other group was only known their in your country (KOREA) … but 2ne1 is really famous in other country, like here in our country.. we love their song and we play it all the time…
    2ne1 is sooo famous around the world! but that other group was unknown..loser!

  2. I don’t hate 2NE1 or anything, but SNSD and WG ftw!!! And for the girl who said that SNSD and WG is unknown, i think you should take back what you said.

  3. Get a life, girl. You’re just jealous ’cause they can beat your fave gil group and you can’t accept the fact that they are hella beating snsd. I mean snsd and wg are great but that doesn’t mean they’re the best. Mind you, I like them all but you shouldn’t be ranting about 2ne1 just because you hate them like hell. If you don’t like them, don’t worry hunny – I bet they won’t like you as well if ever they meet you. :)


    This gave me back on track on hating them again!

    I just hate them, it just creeps on me you know?

    and SNSD, and WG is WAYYYYYY better than these four stupid retardo chicks! :)


  5. 2NE1 is more successful with their “crap” than you will ever be.

  6. by the way….directly to my point… are you kinda fool… coz you cant see how 2ne1 beats your fave girl groups.. they are just a waste of time to watch,,,,ewww…. get lost!!bitchyyy,,,,wonder girls and snsd are such loosers…the nerve….!!!

  7. Hi um I’m not korean but 2ne1 is catchy and their style is different they are actually cool. If you actually listan to them mate

  8. Dude: I ‘listan’ to them plenty. Some of their newer stuff isn’t too bad, but I think the whole concept of them is plastic and manufactured… as it is with most pop music these days.

    Still, each to their own. It’s only my opinion.

  9. I find it sad that someone who apparently has kids still calls people “retards” or “gay” to insult them.

    And if you hate rap just because it’s rap and for the sake of hating rap, then that’s just close-minded I don’t like all of 2NE1′s songs, particularly to super hip-hop ones, but even so, their raps have a rhythm and style that surpasses others’, and the songs have pretty good meaning.

    Annndd annyywwaayyy. Why not use the passion with which you hate the girls for something more productive? It’s not like you even know them -_-

    Sorry, I just can’t stand it when people hate complete strangers for the reason that they don’t like their taste/style. And I can say that without being a hypocrite because I dislike this post based on its content, not preferences.

  10. 2NE1 rocks, and who are you to put them down like that? Even if you don’t like them, every person to his/her own. Just let it go sheesh, what kind of statement is “… I don’t like 2NE1. Nor do you. Live with it.” ?! Who says others don’t like 2NE1? Oh right wait yea we don’t LIKE them. We LOVE them. Stop being so hateful.

  11. 2NE1 is a amazing girl group. they’re so different then other groups, many girlgroups sounds like the same, but 2ne1 has so special voices, you can’t found these again.(a group where can distinguish quickly all the girls.)

    just because you have a different taste in music, you can not say that their music is bad.

    snsd(girls generation) <> are totally lame xD and too much members o_o but okay, you like them. and i like wonder girls too, but they have a other style as 2ne1, so don’t compare them!


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