Ddong Bung aka Shit Bread.


I picked this paper bag up the other week while we’re in Insadong, Seoul. It’s actually a paper bag for a very delicious snack, ‘Ddong bung’ (literally meaning ‘shit bread’  – 똥빵) which is actually a modified version of Bungeoppang (붕어빵) which is the fish shaped snack. So what is it? It’s basically a  pastry snack that is filled with delicious, sweet, red bean paste.

These doughy pastries filled with sweet red bean paste are normally sold in Korea by street vendors. To make the fish shape at home, you need a special appliance similar to a waffle-maker. I don’t have that, but I am able to buy them steaming hot at Korean stores and freeze them at home, or if need be, buy the pre-frozen boxed bungeoppang at the Korean grocery store. Once frozen, they take mere minutes to steam on the stove or microwave. A healthy and delicious snack or dessert, their chewy, sweet, and slightly crispy texture make them a big crowd pleaser and always a hit with the under-10 crowd. There are also custard cream and ice cream versions; the red bean paste is the traditional filling.

Source: Korean food.

The concept of shaping it like, well, crap, does give it quite a novelty and there was quite a line behind us when we ordered ours. We managed to score 6 pieces (3 ‘ddong’ shapes, and 3 ‘Dalki‘ shaped)  for 2,000 won (~$2 AUS). While I don’t usually touch the snack in summer, during winter it’s a delicious hot snack to eat while outside walking through the cold. Just enough to warm the insides.

I haven’t seen the ‘ddong’ variety in Daegu, yet, but there seem to be a few places in Seoul that sell it. I have to admit, I do feel a little easier eating the fish of Dalki shaped ones rather than the ddong shaped ones.

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  1. Too much information – I think I might skip dinner now!!

  2. I’m with you Dad!

  3. I’m glad I can help you both with your respective diets.

  4. Maybe it’s just us old guys,… ha! I enjoy reading your posts David and I hope Kris didn’t have the H1N1. You never followed up, not that it’s any of my business, but I was hoping he faired well.

  5. John: I think I did follow up, but in any event, he did have it and took the week off. He’s better now.