Trying to decide on a new camera.

One of the things I want to buy before leaving Korea is a new digital camera. When I came to Korea I had a Fuji Finepix S5000 which took some excellent photos for me, however about 6 months ago it decided to give awful purple shadows in the photos. It was a shame really because while my Fuji was nothing special, I had taken it to many places and taken literally thousands of photos with it.

So alas I’m looking for a new camera, mainly because my smaller Fuji doesn’t have the same features of a more complicated camera, and my video camera, while it can take photos, doesn’t give me the level of sharpness for really detailed photos. But with the huge amount of cameras on the market I simply don’t know what to choose or even, for that matter, what I need.

I have, however, managed to cut down my selection to 3 choices of camera, they all being Sony. I’ve never owned a Sony camera before but I’ve heard they’re pretty good and Em simply insists that it is the way to go. And, dare I say, they look good too. The tree choices I have short-listed area; Sony DSLR-330a, Sony DSCHX1, and the Sony DSCH50.

From my viewpoint, here are the pro’s and con’s for each one;

Sony DSLR-330a



  • DSLR – It give Live view to photos before you take them (ie the photo looks the same as the image on the LCD).

  • Has a tilting LCD screen both up and down.

  • 10 megapixels.

  • Steady shot (blur reduction).

  • Interchangeable lens.


  • It’s a DSLR, will it be too complicated for me?

  • Price.




  • 10 megapixels.

  • 20x zoom.

  • Steady shot.

  • Handheld twilight for clear night photos.

  • Tilt screen.

  • Face detection.


  • Zoom not that strong.

  • Limited additional features (manual support)

Sony DSCH50

 20091123e 20091123f


  • 10 Megapixels.

  • Face detection.

  • Tilting screen.

  • Handheld twilight for clear night photos.

  • Face detection.

  • Price.


  • 15x zoom.

  • Now an older model.

  • Limited additional features (manual support)

The Sony DSLR-330a is currently on sale at Hi-Mart for 798,000 won (~$800AUD, ~$720US),  Sony DSCHX1 768,000 won (~$768AUD, ~$691US), and the Sony DSCH50 on sale at E Mart for 499,000 won (~$499AUD, ~$449US).

I guess I’m heading towards the first camera, the DSLR, simply because I enjoy playing around with cameras and will enjoy all the new features it has to offer. The price is the only thing that’s really stopping me at this stage.

If anyone has any information regarding the cameras, or about purchasing a camera in general, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please leave a comment below or email me.

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  1. Hey there David,

    I see you are making a new camera choice. I think all three of them would be fine for your uses. A couple of thoughts to help you perhaps. If you get the SLR… One do not worry about it being difficult to use. All DSLR cameras come with a full Auto Mode.. which means it works like your point and shoot. Second if you go with the DSLR.. you have room to grow in your photography.. and when you do. your camera can grow with you. As for the other ones.. you say a 20x zoom isn’t much… most of your point and shoot cameras come with a 3x zoom.. a 20x zoom is very good. The advantage of this kind of camera is the ease of carrying it. you will not have to lug around different lenses with you. I hope this helps… so when are you guys coming to China? Perhaps we can hook up when you do.


  2. Corbin: Hi. Long time no hear.

    Some excellent advice there Corbin. It’s actually help me get a little closer to making a decision, which will likely be the SLR. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

    We’ll be heading to Beijing in March-April, so if you’re ever in town, it’s be great to catch up again and to meet your lovely wife.

    Hope things are well and thanks again!

  3. The only thing I normally find with Sony Cameras is that they lock you into their memory cards that cost more than any standard types such as SD or CF also it is harder to find adapters to plug them into your PC. So just keep a eye out for that.

    I agree with Corbin, if you can use a P&S you can use a SLR. But when you want to do more you actually can.

    I have actually temporarily moved backwards to a P&S (Canon G11) and it is giving me the shits because of the lag when taking a picture.

    I presonally would only choose Canon or Nikon for a DSLR but that is just me.

  4. Yeah man go for the SLR the quality is heaps better and you can upgrade lens in future if you want to. Not that hard to use too, especially if you enjoy playing around with a camera. It will be worth it. Imagine all the nice pics you can take of Em and yourself! :)

  5. Wombo: Good food for thought. I didn’t pay much attention to memory cards and such. Nikon and Canon are better cameras, but the Sony has what I want and I know I can get good after service should I need it (not that I wouldn’t with either Canon or Nikon).

    Wills: Lens are great, but I see they’re equally expensive! Will have a lot learnign to do before I make that plunge.

  6. What brand is your camcorder? It’s always nice to be able to use your memory card for more than one purpose. That price seems a bit high if the A330 only comes with the 18-55mm lense. Or is it a kit with a second lense?

  7. Tessa: I have a JVC camcorder. It has a 60GB hard drive within it, so memeory cards are not an issue (although i can use them if I choose to).

    I don’t think there is a second kit for it, but comparing to some of the other DSLR’s on offer here, it seems like a good price. I’ll ask the guy and see if there is any ‘ser-be-sur’. ;)

  8. Looks like we have the same camcorder. I havent used it much but I do like it. Good luck with your learning on your new Camera. If you have any questions let me know.


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