Korean BBQ in Beijing.

Last night I went out with some of my co-workers for Korean barbeque. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m living in an area of Beijing with a high number of Koreans, hence the name ‘Little Korea’, so there are plenty of Korean stores and restaurants. In fact, I have Korean food almost every day for lunch (it’s also one of the few meals I can actually order!).

The restaurant was quite up market, nice tables and chairs, and the typical barbeque pit and exhausted on each table. The menu was extensive, at least 15 different type of cuts of beef alone, and a good array of both Korean and Chinese side dishes. One could tell it was a good quality restaurant by the number of Korean (or Chinese -Korean) dining there, and the prices very reasonable, too.

It tasted pretty much spot on, and the kimchi was of excellent quality, too. We even managed to order a bottle of Jinro soju. And yes, soju is equally as dreadful in China as it is in Korea (although not half as bad, or as strong, as the Chinese liquor!).

I was a little disappointed that none of the staff there spoke Korean, so while I could read the menu, I couldn’t order anything more than simply point and choose. When one thinks about it, why would you need to do more than that?

We had a great night, and it was good to be able to have a nice Korean meal with some new people (sadly, Em was occupied).

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