Teacher’s Day, 2011.

Today was Teacher’s Day in China today and having experienced Teacher’s Day here last year, I knew none of the students were going to buy any of the teacher’s anything. For all their iPads, iPhones, and expensive shoes and clothes, none of the parents or students thought it would be nice to give a small little token of their appreciation to us underpaid and undervalued teachers. Although one could make an argument that tuition kind of fulfils that obligation from the parents.

A couple of the teachers got a card from a student nice enough to take the time to make one (which is just as good, if not more, than any bought gift), and one of our teachers even got a bouquet of flowers, although the student they got it from was extremely troublesome and one feels the parents bought it out of guilt more than anything else.

I was happy to see that our centre director had organized a little party after work, with lots of moon cakes, cream cakes, chocolate, and some French wine. She asked me if the teachers would like it and I assured her that the mere gesture would be more than enough, and they would, and they did, enjoy the party.

A couple of glasses of wine after work didn’t go down too badly, either. It’s been a hell of a week so far looking after the place, and while I’ve had a huge amount of support within the school, and from other schools directors, I’m certainly feeling somewhat drained and exhausted.

Fingers crossed it’s all good practice for something better down the track.

Anyway, Teacher’s Day, good for me.

2 Responses to “Teacher’s Day, 2011.”

  1. Actually, when I was teaching in China I actively discouraged any gifts – following the case where I got a very expensive gift from the parents of a student who was failing, nudge nudge wink wink…

    I accepted out of politeness / awkwardness, but then returned it. After that, I’d turn down all gifts, big or small…

    • I agree, it can be a little awkward, but seeing as I neither pass or fail, it really doesn’t matter (it may also explain why I didn’t get anything!).