Some more delicious Sichuan food.


Sichuan food is one of those cuisines I love to eat but can’t eat it too often. There’s a lot of good quality Sichuan restaurants all over Beijing, including some chain restaurants.  One place Em and I sometimes go to is a restaurant in our local mall. They do one type of dish, pictures above (malaxiangguo – roughly meaning numbing spicy smelling pot) but you decide what you want in it.

For example, Em and I decided to put in chicken wings, snow peas, tofu sheet, and some other type of tofu balls. We could have put in different meats, seafoods, and other vegetables if we had desired, but we like just a few things. Besides, it a damn big bowl and there’s no way we could have finished it if we had ordered more.

Anyway, it’s a little insight to the magnificent types of food available here in the capital.

Oh, the photo was taken with my new Motorola… Love you Em!

2 Responses to “Some more delicious Sichuan food.”

  1. Hmm, I’m seeing the HTML instead of the image…

    Love Sichuan food but only in small doses. We’re back in Brisbane these days, but there are a few decent Sichuan restaurants here.