Organizing and MC’ing a Teacher’s Conference.

It has been a crazy last few weeks, hence you haven’t heard a lot from me, but I’m back, for the moment anyway.

Over the last month I’ve been very busy setting up a teacher’s conference for our schools over the Beijing area. Every 6 months, our teachers come together (there’s about 60 or 70 of us) and either present or watch some amazing workshops about teaching, personal development, or something to do with our lives here in Beijing. They range from ‘Getting the most out of your Older Students’ to ‘ Photography 101′. There really is something for everyone.

I volunteered for the position of co-ordinator to give myself a little experience in holding and organizing an event, something I haven’t done a lot of in the past. While I have seen other’s organise it in the past, I knew the process wasn’t that difficult, given a good amount of planning and common sense. It really amazes me how sometimes people can over think things simply because it is important. One of the greatest philosophies I like to hold fast to, is keeping things simple, and then working your way more difficult should one need to.

So after a month of planning, and some careful delegation to a couple of other enthusiastic, we’re all set for the day last Wednesday. We had 10 awesome presenters, 9 of which were teachers, and one was a special speaker from Shanghai, a quiz, some door prizes, and a lesson planning and idea swap. Combined with ordered pizza for lunch, and drinks afterwards in the entertainment district of Beijing, it was a massively huge day.

One of my managers did an fantastic job of giving me what I needed, and organizing the food and prizes. The teachers were extremely happy with what they participated in, and the presenters were each give a bottle of wine for their amazing presentations/workshops.

It now gives me about, umm, 2 days to rest before I start my next project; some electronic books for the school.

I do realise that I make a lot of work for myself, but I like to be kept busy, not to mention keeping my name always there.

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  1. Well done Dave. You’re going to be running your own institute before long. Should you want to.