Stupid eye.

My damn freaking eye.

Over the last few months my right eye has been causing me some trouble. Every now and then, usually in the morning after my shower, I feel like there is a sharp piece of grit in it that I can’t get out. The more I try, the worst it gets, to the point where I just have to close my eye, wait for about an hour, and it feels a little better. Every time I blink it’s annoying, and surprisingly the most comfortable position it can be in is open.

What I have is something like a scratched eye, but its not. I don’t recall the medical term, but it would appear that at some point I did badly scratch my eye, and my eye hasn’t been able to heal properly since then. The thin membrane that covers the front of my eye us weakened t the point where it easily breaks and any form of touch in the area feels as if there’s something in my eye.

Most of the time it heals up well and it’s not an issue for many weeks, but over the last couple of days it hasn’t been healing as well as it should. As always, I’m reluctant to want to visit the doctors here in Beijing, but I’m sure they’ll prescribe a million forms of herbal tablets and creams that will either not work or set of an allergic reaction causing my eyeball to explode (however unlikely that is).

No doubt I’ll probably go see my doctor when I’m back in Australia next and they’ll prescribe a simple cream to put in my eye that will do the job in a matter of days. No dramas.

4 Responses to “Stupid eye.”

  1. Scott Henwood 09. Mar, 2012 1:30 pm

    I heard that doctors in Australia don’t even need a university diploma to practice medicine. You should drop by NZ and get yourself properly diagnosed.

  2. Frugal Bastard 10. Mar, 2012 10:12 am

    Take care of your eyes as you’re unlikely to get another set. Hope you get it fixed.

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  4. Sort it out when u get back home Dave.