Delicious Chinese Food.

20120405aI don’t even know where to start with this one… so I’m just going to let the story read for itself.

Chinese police have seized more than 3,200 tons of a new type of "gutter oil" made from decomposing animal fat and internal organs, said the Ministry of Public Security.

Previously, the phrase "gutter oil" referred to the reprocessing of used oil and even restaurant leftovers, which were then resold as cooking oil.

However, the new strain is made from meat that was past its sell-by date and of low quality, and even rotten animal fat and internal organs, according to the statement.

Thankfully this is not happening in Beijing, but after the gongbao chicken I had over the weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was! That’s not to say living in Beijing is going to mean clean food. Far too many times I’ve walked past restaurants and had the misfortune of looking inside their kitchens. Not always a pretty sight. And you would expect people to be fuming over reports like this, wouldn’t you?

Hotpot devotee Fan Jing, a 27-year-old Chongqing resident, said she was not surprised by the case, and added that she will choose more expensive restaurants in future to minimize the risk.

"I can’t live without hotpot, even though I know many restaurants use gutter oil," she said.

Fair dinkum, that just ain’t right.

Can’t wait to get back to Australia and have some some real grub (but you know… not real grubs)…

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