Cooking on the run.

I don’t often get the opportunity to cook much these days, but when I do I like to make sure I’m spending my time cooking something nice. After a terribly long day in meetings yesterday, I found myself walking home from the subway early in the evening with the feeling that I could devour something a lot larger than myself. Despite feeling drained, I had a sudden urge to cook something because I really felt like some home cooked grub.

There’s a relatively new supermarket that has just opened not too far from my place, on the way to and from the subway, that I’ve always wanted to check out. With the opportunity yesterday to do so, I discovered that is mainly a foreign goods supermarket filled with some very nice products, most of which were well out of my budget.

I did find a few things and decided to cook not one, but many dishes for last night’s dinner. It’s not unusual in Korea for me to cook many dishes for a meal, to be consumed with fresh steamed rice. It’s the Korean way to fill the table with as much banchan (반찬) as possible and I often find myself these days’ trying to figure out where I got the time and energy to make so many dishes most nights when I lived in Korea, seeing as I finished at 9 o’clock every night.

So below are a few of the dishes I put together.


From left to right: spicy tofy knots, coleslaw salad, hot spicy chicken sausages, honey soy chicken, eggs with mayonnaise yolks, curried chicken and egg, fermented tofu, and steamed rice.

Of course a lot of things I didn’t make from scratch, like the sausages, but they are easy to cook and don’t take up too much time. For the above, about 30 minutes all up. Even now, it still surprises me how fast I can work in the kitchen when I want to.

And of course Em was over the moon to have a long over due banchan dinner!

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