Archive | July, 2012

Lots of rain…

If you’ve been paying attention to World News, you’d have seen that Beijing suffered it’s worst flooding in over 60 years. The official number dead is 37, but that number should be closer to 100 or more, though new sources are reluctant to give high numbers. Having walked home through downpour last Sunday, knees up [...]

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Sad news.

On a bit of a sad note today, you may recall last year that Em and I bought a couple of turtles, Dippy and Cookie. They were quite sick for a long time but we managed to get them back to health and they have been doing so well over the past few months. Unfortunately [...]

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I’m a very busy bee!

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been for the last couple of months? Had you just assumed I had given up on my site? Had I disappeared somewhere deep and dark in China? The truth is, I’ve been darn busy. Not just your normal run of the mill busy, but really busy. One of the things [...]

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